Monday, November 2, 2009

Profiles in Awesome: Rischa Gottlieb

Another segment in an all-important series! Today this blog post is dedicated to Rischa Gottlieb, who I met my first year at the University of Michigan. When we met, there was lots to bond over (being out-of-staters from New York, but not Long Island, being Jewish, being chatty, etc), but I think it was reminiscing over our middle-school penchant for dark lipstick and dramatic clothing and chokers that cemented our bond. If you can imagine me as a 7th grader, you will understand that that look did nothing for me (especially with braces). With Rischa's Haitian roots, I think she probably pulled it off, but still.

Anyway, by the time college rolled around, I think we had come to our (fashion) senses and quickly became friends and had long talks about sexuality and relationships and books. I'm especially grateful that we lived in the same city/borough for the past few years - if there was anything weird and artsy and bizarre and awesome going on in New York City, I could always rely on Rischa to be game for trying it out. And friends like that are really important. Plus, on a completely shallow note, she's gorgeous.

So here's to Rischa! Proud Queens resident, girlfriend to the equally awesome Randi, future graduate student, and all around sassy lady who makes me laugh. Oh, and I know she reads this blog, so this is a totally transparent way to thank her & keep her as a loyal reader...



  1. So I Hannah posted on my facebook wall that I was famous via your blog which I found confusing becasue I have yet to carry out any brilliant plans or write anything worth publishing I think my name only gets two hits on google. . . So I came to your blog this morning to investigate and wasa totally shocked to see a very familiar peacock feather.... on what seemed to be my head! Awwww Maggie Glass you are the cat's pajama's and blue lipstick doesn't look good on anyone. I love and miss you.

  2. Yesssssssssss. Awesooooooooome. Loooooooove Riiiiiiischaaaaaa.