Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though it's the middle of the night in The States, it's officially Thanksgiving Day in Dalian, China! As my sister says, I am the future. Tonight we're going to a hotel, where we all plan on eating a disgusting amount of food, in the American tradition. I'm going to borrow Jessica's royal blue dress and just live it up. The dress sort of makes me feel like her.
So what am I thankful for, this Thanksgiving? Many things. 
1. Wonderful family and friends back home. 
2. My health, and the health of my loved ones.  
3. Having the opportunity to travel abroad. 
4. The community of people I lucked into, here in Dalian. 
5.  Access to good movies, books, newspapers - free of censorship! (At least when I'm in America).
There's a lot more (mostly involving food) but that's enough for now. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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