Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My internet has taken a break from hating me, and I'm using this opportunity to recap our holiday, which was really nice.

First, we got all dressed up and went to the New World Hotel, downtown. There were a bunch of other Westerners there and while they're perfectly nice, we were all feeling horribly anti-social and sat at our own nice little table and drank red wine and ate delicious Western food and mostly ignored everyone else. The food couldn't compare to my aunt Adria's cooking, but it was still pretty good - turkey, lamb, pasta, vegetables, sushi (!), bread, cake, and so forth. I think we were all really happy with the whole meal.

After the food and the red wine I was feeling tired, but luckily for me, my friends have lots more energy and force me to do things that I'm later grateful for. So it was onwards to a jazz bar, which turned out to be awesome. It was a weird, dark, oddly romantic place with lots of bizarre old-fashioned furniture and paintings and expensive drinks.

And of course, since this is Asia, they had to add flat-screen TV's and neon lights - just in case the room was too classy or something.

To add to the fun, the saxophonist came over and chatted with us (well, mostly Tae) while his son crooned English songs and his wife played piano. We all just hung out and drank and felt very old-fashioned with our high heels and martinis. This photograph doesn't even capture it, but Chris looked 100% like he could have walked off the set of Mad Men.

While parts of me really wished I could have been in New York or Maine (Andy, that whole thing looked amazing! I'll blow out some metaphorical turkey candles in your honor), I had a very nice Thanksgiving. Next celebration I'm excited for? 我的生日!


  1. i really like that blue dress you are wearing. - is that the dress you were refering to before - that makes you feel like madeline?!

  2. Yes! It's my roommate's dress - she has a great fashion sense.