Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween! (and other news)

I had a delightful Halloween, considering how much I don't care about this holiday. My childhood memories of Halloween involve: never having a particularly good or creative costume, spending an inordinate amount of time stressing about social politics ("Who are you going trick-or-treating with?" "But I'm going with this group of friends, and should we meet up and where and whose house should we start at?" "I'm not your friend anymore!" etc), and ending up with a pantry full of stale candy. I had a nice time at Jordan's party in Brooklyn last year, but that was an exception, and my costume was still sort of lame.

This year we ate pizza, drank some beer, and watched "Halloween" which I had never seen. It's a pretty ridiculous movie. And I was happy just doing that, and going home, and going to bed.

And Other News:

1. One of my colleagues is having an operation & I am taking over two of her classes for the next month. So now I'm teaching ten classes a week, which is quite a bit. Normally I wouldn't mind, but it means missing yet another Chinese class and I just paid the painful 2,500 kuai fee, which now feels like a waste of money.

2. It took me all of one month to find myself with a crush on one of my students. I won't go into detail, since I'm oh-so-professional, but let's just say that he's got hipster glasses and a smoldering gaze. Unfortunately, I will teach these students all year, so I can't even fantasize about a situation in which he is no longer my student and I'm freed of these ethical constraints.

3. I'll be heading to Beijing for the weekend of November 13th, for a PiA get-together, which should be a lot of fun. I'm excited to see Beijing again, and hang out with the other PiA-ers.


  1. Maia will be in Beijing then - not that you guys are particularly close but how crazy would it be if you ran into her?!

  2. I have never seen Halloween either! Is that blasphemous?

    "Hipster glasses and a smoldering gaze," eh? Sounds like your kind of dude.