Saturday, February 27, 2010

CHINA TRAVEL PART 5: Obstruction (of justice!)

So we were done with the hike! What a joyous occasion. We got on a little minivan headed back to Lijiang and got ready to lean back and enjoy the ride. Right? Wrong!

It turns out that our ride was interrupting some very important road construction, which involved blowing up rock wall and then slowly removing the huge chunks with one of those wheel loader things. While it was sort of fascinating to watch, it took forever and our driver kept nervously looking up at the rock wall. It was becoming clear that being near exploding rocks in a rock-slide prone zone was not the smartest thing.

Somehow Kim and Nick managed to look very glamorous in the midst of all this rubble and slow-moving chaos.

Finally we were moving again. Our driver drove at an alarming speed, very close to the edge, and Kim was not happy. He also drove through a little waterfall, similar to the one that we clambered over on the hike. But we survived and made it safely back to Lijiang.

Next up: I take a solo journey to Shaxi!

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