Saturday, February 27, 2010


After the 28 bends and some gorgeous scenery, we arrived at the Halfway (Guest) House. We read and relaxed outside, while Nick tried to sleep off his ailments.

We spent the evening playing cards and drinking tea and eating baba (Naxi flat bread, pita-like), and reading under our electric blankets. I should also mention that the guesthouse had one of the best bathroom views I've ever seen.

Well-rested, we continued on the next day. The hike itself wasn't dangerous, but one part was potentially treacherous: it involved walking over running water on the side of a sheer cliff. Above you was a waterfall rushing down, and below you was the waterfall continuing, and your job was to navigate the flat trail in between. I don't have any photos of the cliff because I'm not crazy, but you can use your imagination:

My friends opted to carefully cross on the dry rocks, but I decided I didn't want to be anywhere near the edge. I just walked right through the waterfall, soaking my shoes. Everyone was very concerned about my damp feet, but those New Balance sneakers I bought in tenth grade must be made of magic or something. My feet were dry again in minutes. It helped that the sun was coming out. In the early morning, we had to pray to the Sun God to hurry on up.

And when we weren't doing that or chatting or daydreaming, we were temporary goat herders, which was loads of fun. Goats are both goofy and surprisingly agile.

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