Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, December 9th

Dear readers! I've been neglecting my blogging duties lately, mostly because my internet is always causing me grief, but I've also been busy with lots of things - like being a judge for an English competition and going to Chinese student talent shows. (As evidence of my laziness, I'm just linking to Jessica's and Tae's posts on these events). I feel like the past week has been filled with an endless amount of good news/bad news moments. As Grizz Chapman would say, "It's just a roller coaster ride of emotion in here." The good news? I'm going to travel to Laos this winter with my friend Hanna, an all-around awesome person who I haven't seen in years. The bad news? I found out I have to stay in Dalian later than I thought, while most of my friends leave me for sunnier and more exotic climates. Meh.

More good news has included receiving wonderful packages (my sweet cousin Julie sent me DVD box sets of The Wire), and talking to friends back home online and on Skype. Chandler came to visit this weekend, which was great. I've successfully infected Jessica with a love for "30 Rock." The kindergartners finally respect me and we have had some awesome, funny classes lately.

Bad news? Personal relationship problems. Having NO idea what to do next year (stay in China? move back to NYC? Try California?) Being invited to English departmental meetings where everyone only speaks in Chinese. WTF.'s pretty obvious that I'm not in the best mood today, but luckily these sorts of days have been few and far between in Dalian. I think with the semester wrapping up, lots of things are coming to a head and I'm just letting them all get to me. Time to take a deep breath and grade some papers! Westward ho the wagons!

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