Monday, December 14, 2009

Profiles in Awesome: Talia Kahn-Kravis

Today at 10:30 a.m. (my time) and 6:30 pm (Talia's time), our paths crossed digitally and we talked for a while, which was so nice. She really brightens my day. Our friendship is not usually so Jew-y, but at the time this picture was taken we had just finished wishing one another a happy Chanukah, which led to symbolically lighting a candle, then having a Skype singalong. We did "Chanukah, oh, Chanukah" and "S'vivon, sov sov sov" and "Not By Might, Not By Power" for the Debbie Friedman fans. I know there's a song about Macabees but I can't remember it. (Anyone know?) All I recall is a 1990 home video of me singing it, and then telling my mother and sister that they could only sing along if they did so quietly. I was such a little emperor.

Back to my Profile: Talia and I met in third grade, when she moved from the hard streets of Brooklyn to the slightly softer streets of Larchmont. She was such a tomboy and I could barely kick a soccer ball, but we bonded over performing weird little plays and taping music videos in her basement. Our relationship has had a lot of incarnations and ebbs & flows over the years - she started listening to Hot 97 in 7th grade, while I was pretty content with my cassette of the hit single "Alone" by the Bee Gees - but our friendship has only gotten stronger, especially after we lived together in Astoria and experienced all the joys of piecing together underpaid, part-time jobs in our fields of interest. Although we're miles apart, I am always grateful for her love and support. 我 爱 你 !

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