Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As I wrote about it in a previous post, Nick and Kim visited last weekend and it was a blast. Here are some photos from Friday night - we all ate Mexican food lovingly prepared by Jess & Rob and drank tequila from cored cucumbers, carefully crafted by Chris & Lucy.

Note that I am wearing one of my favorite dresses, an awesome hand-me-down from Jamie. It's really flattering and travels well and I'm currently wearing it to pieces. Xie xie Jamie!

Since Dalian is famous for its seafood, Kim and Nick naturally wanted to try some. I had no idea where to take them, since we rarely eat seafood here, but Chris knew of a place and so we hopped in a cab and headed to Da Ke Yi. I knew it would be fresh, but I didn't realize we would be picking out our own fish (or crab or squid or shark or whatever).

Our fish is the one on the left - he was a fighter.

He was also delicious. Some of us ate his eyeballs.

And then we went to KTV and sang and danced and used the tambourine the establishment so kindly supplied for us. All in all, a wonderful evening!

Photos courtesy of Tae Kim and Kim Hagner

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