Thursday, January 14, 2010

Profiles in Awesome: Adria Pass

Another long overdue blog post of appreciation, which is especially timely because I'm about to leave for a month-long travel adventure. I'll be away from my computer, my bed, my cozy apartment, and my favorite "home" memento: a beautifully crafted cloth scrapbook my aunt Adria made for me before I left.

It's an amazing book, filled with collages and photographs and messages from my family. I was so moved when she gave it to me - I honestly forgot that my leaving affected anyone but myself. A selfish thought, I know - but this book reminded me of the family I'm so lucky to have, especially my aunt. Adria is so modest about her skills, but she is an incredible photographer, chef, quilter, craftswoman - the list goes on and on. She's also a very genuine and thoughtful person and whenever I'm at her house (which is awesomely close to my parents' house), I feel a sense of safety and warmth. I definitely miss that while being in China.

So, thank you Adria: for both your beautiful quilts and your constant support. I miss and love you.

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