Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Profiles in Awesome: Sophie Glass

After an eventful night at Free Club, we're spending the day packing, buying food supplies, and getting ready for our trip to Chang Bai Shan. Happy National Day, China! But being away means that I won't be able to wish my lovely sister, Sophie, a happy birthday on October 4th. So here's an early greeting: Zhu Ni Shengri Kuai Le!

I miss all my friends and family, but not being able to talk to Sophie often is definitely one of the harder parts of being away. She understands me better than anyone, she's a great listener and super smart, adventurous, and thoughtful. She's doing amazing work at The Sonoran Institute and even though it's not typical for older sisters to feel this way, I look up to her in a big way. So, happy happy happy birthday to a wonderful woman. I miss you!


  1. So sweet! Funny, I was going to email you today to say that we went to that dance show last night... the $10 one that you, Katie, and I went to last year with all the different groups... Anyway, there was one dance with 2 ballerinas that I think were supposed to be sisters, and something about them just reminded me of you and Sophie! One sort of kept her hand on the other's shoulder the whole time, and they just seemed very... sisterly. (Also, one had dark hair and one had lighter hair, but I swear the connection went beyond that.)

  2. BOO FACE! I am so honored to be profiled on ye ole blog. That was a wonderful birthday present. Right now I am in bed after my relatively easy foot surgery this morning. I love you so much and I look up to you.