Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The freshmen (my future students) are all required to do military service for a month prior to college.


Kindergarten: I taught two classes today on the campus kindergarten. The students were about 3 years old, super cute, and totally nuts. (A lot of shrieking). I was given very little instruction on what to do, so I sang some songs with them, which went okay despite my forgetting some words to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." ("Up above the...sky...so high...") Then I drew animals on the board and taught them the English words for them and we all pretended we were animals and crawled around on the floor. That was much more successful.

University: I substitute taught a class for Lucy tonight. It was my first real DUT experience and it was so much fun. They were all advanced freshmen, really nice and talkative, and we did a big interactive lesson/presentation about our respective hometowns. They really got into it and I learned a lot about Liaoning Province. In the last fifteen minutes I managed to take all that good energy and destroy it with a reading I adapted from an awesome New York Times article about Alzheimer's and dementia and night care. It led to an interesting discussion, but it was very Debbie Downer.

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