Saturday, May 29, 2010

杭州 (Hangzhou)

After a few days in Shanghai, I hopped on a train and headed for Hangzhou, a city about an hour and a half away. I had heard lots about Hangzhou from Hannah, who had lived there for a semester, and from other friends. I also wanted to visit my friend Chandler and the other PiA-ers who live/work there.

Hangzhou was just as delightful as Shanghai, but smaller and more relaxed. It's famous for the enormous, beautiful West Lake, so Chandler and I spent a good deal of the afternoon walking around the lake and relaxing and talking on park benches.

We also walked around the old district and checked out the street food, which was refreshingly different from Dalian street food.

The bottom sign reads "Dong Po Rou," a famous Hangzhou dish, involving fatty pork belly

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