Thursday, March 4, 2010

Profiles in Awesome: Peppi Glass

I know, you were all expecting a blog post about Laos. But that's me - full of surprises and keeping you all on your toes. I've realized that my time here is short and there are still many supportive people who have not received a proper Profile In Awesome. One of these is my lovely great-aunt, Peppi.

I consider myself really lucky to have Peppi in my life. She is great at keeping in touch and has always kept in contact throughout college, New York City, and especially my time in China. She's smart, thoughtful, and worldly. She's always seen the latest independent, cutting-edge film before I have, and she's full of book recommendations on every topic imaginable. And somehow, in between raising a family and substitute teaching, she's also an accomplished sculptor. I think my favorite piece of hers is the one in my grandmother's house, but here she is with another beautiful one, called "In-Decision," which won a prize.

But aside from the cultural cool factor, I think what I love most about Peppi is the fact that she treats everyone, regardless of age, like a peer. I remember feeling this way about her when I was very, very young. And last year I watched her interact with Delilah, my little cousin, and it only confirmed it further. It's a trait I really respect and I can only hope to emulate in my life.

So, here's to you, Aunt Peppi! I love you and thank you for all the support you've given me this year.

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